Wicked Witch or Good Witch or Hot Witch

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Tough decision…lol

All make for a good time and can be a lot of fun. Take a wicked witch for instance; just about everyone has a little wickedness in them. We all know the bad guy always has fun, at least up until they get caught or lose.

Witches Brew

Wicked witches are the kind of witches that can do bad things and get away with it. It’s all in good fun as long as you don’t do anything mean. Just pull a few jokes and play a few pranks on others. You’ll just need to be ready for light hearted retaliation, but this can be fun too. Humor is a good thing. Who says a grown up can’t pretend to be a wicked witch and have a little fun? Aren’t grown ups the ones who can pull the best pranks? You could walk around with a squirt bottle squirting people screeching “You’re melting…you’re melting!”

When I think of good witches I think of those who are usually dressed in really pretty gowns with big puffy skirts on them. They carry a magic wand and grant wishes to people. This could be fun for a person dressing up like one. You get to play “pretty dress up”, wave a wand around granting wishes, and be told how wonderful you are! It’s like being the center of the story in a fairy tale.

Then there is the scary witch, I think this one is the most popular. I know when I think of a witch, I think of one that’s nasty and spooky; a witch that really scares people. Kind of like this one.

Witch Hazel Costume

Now I come to the one I like the best; it’s my favorite of all the witches. It’s the one that can pretty much get her way and whatever she wants; she doesn’t even have to wave a wand around. She just tells a person what she wants and her wishes come true! Just “gotta love” the way that works out. Her wishes are granted; not the other way around.

Sultry Witch Adult Costume

Of course there is more than just this sexy witch costume to choose from on CostumeSuperCenter. A girl can choose something that covers a little more or a costume that’s very revealing and something in black or white. I like the many styles they have to choose from so no matter how many times a woman feels a little witchy, she can decide what kind of witchy her mood is.

What kind of witchy mood are you in?