Wild and Witchy

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Most people who dress in costumes will choose to be a witch sooner or later. If you want to be a witch for your next event, which witch should you be? Should you be a good witch or a bad witch?

Credit: geishaboy500

The answer to that depends on whether you want to come across as attractive and sexy or scary and dangerous. It may even depend on how far from your own personality you wish to stray. Maybe stepping far out of your shell will be even more fun for you though.

Personally, I like to take on the face of evil – the darker the better. I love to don a long nose and paint my face green and add a wart or two. A long black cape or cloak covers up any other clothing choice. With a wand or a broomstick, the costume is just about complete. Don’t forget the pointy hat. You might want to add black fingernail polish and lipstick. Darken around your eyes or under your cheekbones for a sunken look.

A good witch can be sweet and innocent (think Glinda), or she can be a sexy vixen. Feathers, furs, miniskirts, and fishnet stockings touch up a sexy look. For Glinda, try for a pink or sparkly white gown. A large crown-like headpiece and a cascading strawberry blond wig and a twinkling wand will make you bewitching – in a good way!

Witch costumes are usually black, but they can also be a dark green or purple. Pretty much all witches wear black boots.

A long black wig, with or without gray streaks, will add to a witchy look. Ratted or spike hair is a bit more daring, or you can even add a little glitter.

Transforming yourself into a witch can be done quickly and simply. Probably all you need is your magic wand.

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