Will Ferrell Costumes Rule!


Will Ferrell Costumes RULE!

I don’t know about you but I love Will Ferrell movies. I’ve seen them all.  We could debate all day about which is the best but one thing is for sure, I could watch them over and over and never get tired of them. Actually, they get better with repeated viewing. Maybe it’s the familiarity; maybe it’s that you tend to notice something funny in the background that you didn’t catch before. Regardless, Will Ferrell movies rule and the costumes from his movies make the best Halloween costumes.

Will Ferrell costumes rule! We’re talking Ron Burgundy Anchorman costumes, Talladega Nights Ricky Bobbie costumes, Jackie Moon Semi-Pro costumes, The SNL Spartan Cheerleader costume and the Elf Costume.

My husband just made a funny remark about Will Ferrell. He said if you really want a good Will Ferrell Costume you should just go to a party in your underpants because it seems that he loves to go bare at one point or another in all of his movies ie – running on the race track in his underpants in Talladega Nights or running down in street streaking in Old School just to name two.

OK, Will Ferrell’s underpants are definitely funny but Will Ferrell Halloween costumes are funny too and they can actually be worn in public.  I think he is so funny I even put a poll on the Costume SuperCenter Facebook page.

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