Wonderful Wigs

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One of the easiest tools for self-transformation is a wig. I like to choose a wig first when I’m putting together a costume. I mean, as soon as you put on a wig, you start to look like someone else.

Photo by Vance Shtraikh

Photo by Vance Shtraikh

The popular TV show “Hannah Montana” is built around this idea. Girl dons an eye-catching wig and instantly becomes someone else. She’s so successful at this self-transformation that nobody knows who she really is.

If you take your time choosing a wig, you can find one that looks so natural no one will even know it’s not your natural hair.

Certain wigs create a character. If I mention the following characters, you would instantly know what type of wig you need to look for:

* Cher
* Marilyn Monroe
* Princess Leia from Star Wars
* Wilma Flinstone
* Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

There are plenty of generic characters that can be created starting with a wig.

* 60s flip style
* Southern belle
* Indian girl
* Japanese geisha

Building a costume around a wig is not limited to women. Some ideas for men include the following:

* 70s Afro (think big!)
* Santa Claus
* Elvis
* George Washington
* Merlin

When wearing a wig, put your hair up in pin curls or wear a wig cap. A wig cap will hold all your hair, unless your hair is very long. Hair can just be shoved under a wig cap, and the lumps patted down. Nylon caps can be purchased at most places where wigs are sold, or at beauty supply stores. Stray hairs can be pinned up or smoothed with hair gel.

If you have very long hair, a wig cap may not keep your hair under control. A better idea is a French braid or pin curls.

So pick a wig and become somebody new. Do you have any great wig ideas or tips?