You Can Make Fake Wounds and Scars

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Costumes that include realistic blood or scars can be particularly scary. How do you make blood and scars look real?

Photo by brandi sims

Photo by brandi sims (Flickr)

It’s not as hard as you may think. Fake blood can be purchased from theater stores, or made from ingredients you already have in the kitchen. One way to make blood at home is by mixing three parts corn syrup to one part water and adding red food coloring. A touch of blue food coloring makes it look more real. Thicken the mixture with sifted flour or corn starch. Remove any lumps.

Real blood is thick and dark. If your fake blood is too watery, it won’t be realistic, so make sure that it looks thick enough. Don’t go overboard using too much blood. A little here or there will do the trick. Remember that if you are sloppy, fake blood may permanently stain clothes, walls, and floors.

What about scars? Do you think you need to be a professional makeup artist to create realistic scars?

Scars can be created from FX wax or bubble gum.   Clean the area where the scar is to be applied with rubbing alcohol. Then apply a strip of FX wax or chewed bubble gum into a strip and hold it in place. Flatten the outside edges against the skin, leaving the middle raised. Color the “scar” with makeup so it matches the color of your skin. Cut a jagged thin line down the middle of the scar using a razor blade or pocket knife. Drop fake blood into the middle of the scar.

If you are looking for an easier option, ready-made kits are available for creating realistic wounds and scars. Try packaged prosthetic scars.   An even simpler choice is a bloody bandage.

To make a fake wound, start with petroleum jelly and mix with a few drops of red food coloring. Darken the mixture with powdered cocoa. Place a small square of tissue paper at the wound site and cover with the petroleum jelly mixture, raising the edges higher than the center. Add more cocoa if needed to darken the edges.

Now you’re ready to go scare a few people!