Cavemen Accessories

Our caveman accessories will enhance your appearance at all the best parties, conventions and shows; giving you that original look. The range available to you encompasses all the accessories that you are likely to require to achieve that original effect, including weapons and jewelry. There are a number weapons on offer starting from a simple bone followed by a selection of caveman clubs in varying sizes and shapes to suit your need.

These are complimented by wigs for both men and women, the matted boufant wig for the ladies and the untamed caveman wig for the gentlemen. Footwear is in the form of authentic looking stone age sandals but also include a pair of jumbo feet! and the whole effect can be finished with an excellent selection of period jewelry. There are earrings, necklaces and chokers available that will suit all your needs and help you finish that look for the party. All our products can be mixed and matched so with a little of your own imagination and flair, an amazing array of looks can be achieved.

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