The beginning of the 20th century marks the end of corsets' tenure as everyday undergarments. Nowadays, corsets are only used under evening gowns, as lingerie or as part of a Halloween outfit. These garments can easily be incorporated into a nifty costume that takes you back into the nineteenth century. Since they have been a part of women's fashion for centuries, they can be used to create costumes based on characters from past eras. Not only is can you create a great outfit for Halloween but also for theme parties.

For example, you could place a flowing white shirt under a black corset and combine it will a long skirt and tall, black boots to become a pirate. Now, pair that with an eye patch and a stuffed parrot and you're all set. Or perhaps a saloon girl is more up your alley. You can get the look by combining a burlesque style Bustier with a petticoat, stockings, a garter belt and perhaps even a flirty feather headband and you're done.

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