50's Accessories

The 1950s is one of the most idolized look, which is why there are so many different costume parties that center the idea and theme after it. Of course, with all of these different costume parties, it is always important for you to set your look away from what others might have. Chances are, many individuals are going to dress the same way. You might have your over sized poof skirt with an intricate stitching of an animal along the side of it, while there might be others who are going for the greaser look as their sport leather jackets and greased back hair. Regardless, it just won't be perfect without the matching 50s accessories

Of course, there are many different looks, but what sets this apart is the kind of accessories you decide to pair with your 50s look. This is where many individuals fall behind. They can have an excellent costume, but if they don't have the right fifties embellishments, they simply are not going to fit in or have the right feel, which allows you to have the very best feel possible. For starters, there is the traditional bow for your hair. You can wear a larger bow to help hold your hair together if you are pairing it with a dress, and this is going to give you an excellent look for your outfit. On top of this, you can also opt into the oversized hair curlers that are going to give you the perfect hair. Even if you don't want to have your hair actually curled for the party, you can leave some of the curlers in. Other items include little ties that are placed around your socks or even pompoms if you are looking for the more traditional sock-hop high school cheerleader look. As for a greaser, just make sure to have sunglasses and a jacket.

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