80's Accessories

The 80's were a period in time full of flair and pizzazz. Styles were bold and bright, accentuated by plenty of lace and neon colors. If you're looking for the perfect 80's accessories for your costume, you'll find everything you need to rock that 80's look with style. Some definite must-haves include 80's items like the rainbow legwarmers, 80's neon fishnet gloves, an 80's lace headband with bow and bright pink 80's glasses. If one thing can be said about 80's accessories it would be that they were anything but subtle. Don't be afraid to go overboard; you can't overdo that 80's style.

Make sure you wear your brightest clothes and add those little touches that create the perfect 80's look. Don't forget the 80's pink and green neon accessories that pull your whole look together. Who doesn't remember the bright shirts pulled up on one side and held in place by fluorescent clips as well as all those other shockingly bright details? Last but not least, finish your costume off with the ultimate tell-tale 80's accessories; 80's Earrings and Necklaces in oversized acrylic and neon. You want to remember the 80's also meant big hair and bright make up.

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