Historical Accessories

Two of the most unique and popular costume party themes are history and patriotism. Although they can be approached differently, most individuals mix up the two to simultaneously. Such a costume would be a particularly great idea if you are fond of your country's personalities who shaped it. To make it exceptionally fresh and unique, the costume needs to be perfectly accessorized. There are several historic and patriotic accessories you may use depending on your costume and preferences.

A particularly historic costume for both men and women is the vintage military uniform or a colonial costume. For men, they can add colonial shoe buckles, old fashioned glasses and a civil war sword to their costume. For a newer style of military uniform, badges could be added on each arm to complete the look. Ladies will like items like a pinafore or a wig to accent their historic dress. For patriotic costumes on the other hand, it is all about the red, white and blue. Patriotic accessories are both symbolic and fun to wear. Likewise, they are equally suited for all ages and genders.

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