Egyptian/Arabian Accessories

Back in the days of Cleopatra, Egyptians loved looking stylish with jewelry accessories. Now you can travel back to this early time period of pharaohs and pyramids to feel just like the Queen of the Nile. You can feel as rich and powerful as you possibly need when wearing these accessories when matched with other Egyptian styled clothing. Egyptian jewelry is made of class and shows off your wealth, which is why most of it is gold. They generally features cobra snakes, a coveted and deadly animal of the Egyptian culture. These pieces come in several versions of bracelets, headpieces, earrings, and more. These are items that you wish to be buried in your tomb with, they're just that good.

You don't have to rob a pyramid in order to get your hands on some great Egyptian styled jewelry, we sell it right here. It looks just like what they would have worn back in the day, so there's no harm in using items from this set. If you want to look and feel as powerful as Queen Cleopatra herself, these are the extra pieces you're going to need.

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