A masquerade ball is a glamorous and mysterious event. The first masquerade balls took place in the 15th century and are associated with carnivals and celebrations of medieval court life. They made a return to popularity in North America during the 1990's, although they are a less formal event these days. Of course now the masked ball tradition is all but extinct, but the love of masks lives on, particularly in Halloween tradition. If you believe a mask will finish off your costume, don’t worry for a second because we have an awesome range. From elegant Venetian masks that would look gorgeous at a masquerade, to scary full face masks that will haunt your nightmares, these masks are perfect for you.

Of course it’s more than just ghostfaced killers and elegant masquerades, superheroes (and some villains) often wear masks, as well as Darth Vader. Maybe you want to wear a mask of a licensed character to better portray them. You have a lot of options here, whether you’re shooting for a well known celebrity costume or want a very cool animal look, these awesome masks will help you get the look you’re dying for

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