Pirate Costume Accessories

Yaaar matey! Tis be true, that if ye wishes to dress like a pirate, ye must also have the proper pirate costume accessories! So no matter what kind you are dressing up as, and no matter how perfect the garb is, without the appropriate and proper gear, it simply is not going to work for your liking, and it is going to end up falling dead in the water.

You can't be a raider without a way to defend himself. The pistol and sword are essential and without these, it is simply an individual dressed in fancy clothes. With these hanging from your belt, you are one step closer to ruling the Seven Seas. He also needs a hat. All of those long days at sea, the sun becomes mighty hot and bright. Without the three corner hat, the sun is going to stay in your face and you'll have to face the bright glare of the sun while you dig for treasure or fight against your enemies. No good pirate is without a hat, it an essential swash-buckling look. Feel free to include a bandanna, in order to cover your hair under the hat. It helps keep it more comfortable and the sweat out of your hat as well. Don't forget to buy your pirate costume!

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