Wig & Facial Hair Accessories

Instead of shaving your face or having to grow hair out for your next costume, look through our listing of facial hair for a much more convenient process. We have everything from goatees to muttonchops and everything in between. There are beards, moustaches, and more for all kinds of occasions. You can look like a rough and tough biker sporting a handlebar moustache or quite the opposite with a Santa Claus beard. Perhaps you could combine them both into one! It is your own costume and completely up to you. Take a look at our huge listing of facial hair to see what you can add to the look.

If you are looking for a specific piece of facial hair accessory, we have mustaches, beards, goatees, and more which come in a variety of different colors and designs. There are also several items with an adhesive strip, elastic band, or facial glue to choose from. Our products will come in handy for any last minute costume idea, theater performance, or elaborate cosplay pieces. You can’t go out as Gomez Addams or Tony Stark without completely looking the part. We even have some items that are perfect for all kinds of holidays. Keep looking through our listing for all the best deals.

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