Zombies & Witches Accessories

Brains never tasted so good! On your continual search for human flesh to settle your hunger, a zombie simply isn't completely undead without the perfect zombie makeup and accessories. After all, your own skin and flesh is starting to rot and drip from your body, so you need to show that you truly are part of the living dead. You don't see too many zombies walking around with perfect skin and finely combed hair, which is why you need to apply makeup and combine it with all of the accessory a zombie might require.

Painting yourself to look as though you are undead simply requires the right color and attachments. There are general color options, where you can apply a base white color, in order to pale your skin, and from there, you can apply for scars, dripping sores, bloody gashes and anything else that is going to make it appear as if your skin is actually falling apart, right in front of the eyes of those around you.

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