Alexander Hamilton Costumes

Spend this Halloween as one of America’s Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton! We have a great selection of Alexander Hamilton Halloween costumes for men and boys at fantastic prices. With our fast shipping and easy online ordering, you’ll be your favorite colonial economist in no time! Get your Alexander Hamilton costume today!

Alexander Hamilton Costume Ideas and Tips

Historical, legendary and still a pop culture sensation, whether on Capitol Hill or a box seat on Broadway, we have an Alexander Hamilton costume that will have you singing. Perfect for this year's company Halloween party, Alexander Hamilton is perfectly represented in both formal military and his wardrobe for the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Featuring the powdered wigs, the tri-corner hats, knickerbockers and waistcoats to give you that real American Revolution look.

 Check out our epic selection of historical accessories for all the swords, beards, belts and more you need to create an American Revolution costume for the ages! Cosplay as the lead in The Broadway sensation Hamilton a complete costume that will have the crowd cheering. Here's a tip: just to ensure you get the proper fit the first time, take measurements of your waist, chest and inseam before you order. Travel back in time when you order and Alexander Hamilton Halloween costume today!

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