Animals & Bugs Halloween Costumes & Accessories

We are in the business of making Halloween a special and memorable time, and our animal costumes offer something for the entire family. If you're searching "where to buy animal costumes," then look no further. Whether it's a cute, vampy bat ballerina for a little girl, a huggable skunk for dad or a sexy mouse for mom, animal Halloween costumes are a fun way to entice attention at your next dress-up party. Buy your animal costume for kids or adults today!

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Sing Characters Infographic

Everyone loves animals, and everyone loves singing, so Sing is the perfect movie for everyone! Whether you want to see dancing pigs or gangster gorillas, you've got yourself one wild ride with this animated feature. Check out Costume SuperCenter's Sing Character's Infographic to learn who's who in the animal-led feature flick. That way when you shop for you next animal costume, you'll know exactly which character you'll want to dress like!

Dog Costumes

Bark, bark! Everyone's seen dogs dressed in adorable outfits (and Costume SuperCenter had a great selection of dog costumes), but we rarely get to see people dressed as dogs! Get your own dog costume online today!

Cat Costumes

Meeeeeow! There's plenty of ways to get a little catty this Halloween with one of Costume SuperCenter's cat costumes. Get yourself ready to have a purrfect outfit for your next party with one of these kitties!

Dinosaur Costumes

Travel back in time to the Jurassic era with a brand new dinosaur costume! Roar into your next costume party with a brand new T-Rex suit or kill it in a Jurassic Park costume for Halloween this year.

Bear Costumes

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Get yourself a brand new bear costume for Halloween this year! From cute and cuddly to ferocious, Costume SuperCenter has all your bear outfit needs!

Animals & Bugs Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips

Talk about animal instinct! We have a full selection of animal and bug costumes and accessories for every mammal, reptile and insect in your family or group of friends. The great part about animal and bug costumes is that it’s easy to fly solo or prowl as a group. Get the family together as a pride of lions that are the fiercest of the savannah, or a group of dinosaurs that make Jurassic Park look like a fairytale.

 For the low-key partygoers, like high school and college students, we have plenty of animal and bug costume accessories that match every ensemble. Choose from ear and tail sets (like monkeys and pigs), or add a classic pair of bunny ears to complement your dress. For parents and kids who want to go all in this Halloween, we carry animal costumes like leopards, turtles, peacocks and so much more. From bumblebees to king crabs, lady bugs to cows, there’s a costume for every party animal.

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