Army Costumes

Everyone knows that real heroes wear dog tags, not capes. This season, ditch the cape and be the true  hero of your Halloween party when you put your pride for your country on display with our diverse collection of army costumes for men, women, and children. Show your friends that you can “be all you can be” and lead your group of friends to victory at this year’s Halloween party. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps! Armed with the perfect costume, this Halloween will be a night to remember.

“Attention! All recruits line up and get ready for inspection! All uniforms must be tidy and neatly pressed.” Having an impeccable uniform is a crucial part of being a member of the United States Army. This Halloween, avoid being in hot water with your drill sergeant by donning the full army uniform. Our website has plenty of additions to complete your army look from camouflage makeup to army helmets and boot tops. Whether you want to play the role of a soldier or simply support our troops with a sexy uniform, Costume SuperCenter has it all.

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