Asian Costumes

Get in touch with your own culture or someone else's with our Asian costumes. Countries in the continent include Japan, China, Laos, Mongolia, South Korea and more. Many of our costume selections can fit with these nations. We offer a variety of looks and styles to represent as many people as possible. Reconnect with ancestors and your family’s history or kindly respect others and their beliefs while in our Asian outfits. Buy your Asian costumes online today!

Asian Costume Ideas and Tips

Celebrate Eastern tradition and lore with our huge selection of Asian costumes and costume accessories. Live out your fantasy of being a magical Kung Fu Master, or add a layer of theater to your cooking when you don our Sushi Chef costume. To ensure you get the right fit the first time, be sure to take your chest, waist and inseam measurements to check against your costumes size chart before ordering.

 If you would just like to add some exotic flare to an existing costume, check out our folding paper Geisha Flags and other eastern inspired accessories. Have fun mixing and matching accessories with different outfits to create a one-of-a-kind character that is all your own. Adorable and elegant, our kimono dresses for children and toddlers can add a fun new dimension to your little ones Halloween or play time. For any costumed occasion year-round, we have the perfect outfit for you!

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