Aurora Costumes

Aurora means “the dawn” and refers specially to the beautiful sky that can be seen as the sun emerges from the darkness. It is also the name of the beautiful princess also known as Sleeping Beauty. Her clothes are just as beautiful as the princess and all our Aurora costumes are befitting a stunning royal girl.

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Aurora Costume Ideas and Tips

One of Disney's longest lasting and celebrated princesses, Aurora, of the classic Sleeping Beauty, is your easy and elegant way to a Disney princess costume that will stand out within a sea of Ariels, Jasmines and Moanas. Our epic selection of Aurora costumes and accessories for children and adults is ready to make you the belle of any ball or trick-or-treat route. Choose from different variations of her cinematic dress costumes and top the whole thing off with a lovely and comfortable Sleeping Beauty wig. Now you have a complete costume that will have you feeling like you just stepped into the Silver Screen.

 Our child size Aurora costumes are perfect for a fun and memorable Halloween or just some fanciful playtime. For the right fit the first time, take your little princess' measurements to compare to the convenience size chart of their favorite costume. Make any costumed occasion beautiful and unforgettable with one of our officially licensed Aurora and Disney princess costumes.

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