Funny Baby Costumes

A little squeal, a little giggle, a coo of delight; nothing gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling like the sound of your baby's laughter. A funny infant or toddler costume is just the thing you need to bring out every little, wonderful chuckle in your child and everyone they encounter this Halloween. Shop our great collection of hilarious baby costumes.

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Funny Baby Costume Ideas and Tips

Make your little one the next big Instagram star with our hilarious and unforgettable funny costumes for babies! With a gigantic selection of boys and girls costumes for infants and toddlers, there is something to make everyone giggle or flat out crack up in this collection of adorable, ironic and clever Halloween costumes. Put them in a robot costume that will light up the trick-or-treat route, a chili pepper costume that'll bring tears to your eyes, or a foam padded muscle man costume that will show everyone who is the boss of all babies!

 Check out all of our accessories for kids to find the face paint and other add-ons to take your child's costume over the top! Make your baby's Halloween costume a treat for the entire family! Build a family costume theme around their outfit for an impressive display for friends and Halloween guests. You are in for hours of fun and enjoyment when your little boy or girl is dressed in a show-stopping costume that has everyone rolling on the floor.

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