Baseball Costumes

If you’ve always dreamed of hitting one out of the ballpark, then we’ve got the perfect costume for you. This Halloween, get ready to step up to the plate with Costume SuperCenter. At Costume SuperCenter, you’ll find a large selection of baseball player uniforms for men, women, and children. From sexy baseball looks to the classic uniform, you’re sure to be on your way to the major leagues with our wide variety of baseball costumes.

Baseball Costume Ideas & Tips

It's time to go out to the ballgame with our grand slam selection of baseball costumes for all ages! Celebrate your love of our nation's past time in a replica baseball uniform that is fun-filled and action-packed. Get a group of co-workers together and go to this year's company Halloween party as your own unsigned and rag tag team of baseball players. If you would just like to add a sporting Edge to an existing costume, check out our entire selection of baseball accessories and individual costume pieces such as ball caps to create an individual look that is perfect for your tastes and personality! 

For the kids who just can't wait to jump out of the Dugout and hit the field, our baseball costumes for babies, toddlers and kids is ready to be your family's number one draft pick for quality and value. Put your game face on and take your Halloween to the max with a baseball costume that will have the crowd cheering!

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