Beer Costumes

Beer is one of the oldest beverages known to man and was first produced 7,000 years ago. Many believe that beer helped civilization advance. The first brews were nutrient rich and able to be stored for a long time, thus ensuring that nutrients were available year-round. We have a large selection of Beer Halloween Costumes, all celebrating this important beverage and available to order online.

Beer Costume Ideas & Tips

Perfect for Halloween and any other party year round, show everybody that the good times are about to start when you choose from our awesome selection of beer costumes! Featuring a variety of ways to celebrate your favorite party beverage, you can slip into a giant glass of beer, hit the party scene as a giant beer keg, or even ride on the shoulders of a fun Oktoberfest dwarf! You will leave a trail of smiles in your wake as you pass through the crowd in a complete, head-to-toe costume that makes you into the party King. 

After you've chosen your perfect look, exercise some creativity when you browse our selection of costume accessories for adults. Add some oversized sunglasses or face paint to take your beer costume to the next level! Also great for picnics on sporting events, there is no limit to all the enjoyment you can get out of these versatile comma crowd-pleasing costumes.

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