Black Power Ranger Costumes

Go go get a Black Ranger costume from our selection of Power Rangers products. The Black Ranger has been a mainstay of the series since the original inception back in the 1990’s. While the character has gone through many changes of the years, they are still an iconic member of the team. Whether you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, a young fan, or just loved the movie, we’ve got a Black Power Ranger costume for you.

Black Power Ranger Costume Ideas and Tips

Since the 1990s, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have a lit up TV and movie screens to the delight of kids and adults worldwide. Now you can celebrate your love of the Black Power Ranger with our selection of officially licensed costumes for the entire family. Make a strong statement when you show up to this year's company Halloween party in a high quality replica of one of the most famous superhero costumes in history. 

When your child hits the Halloween words dressed as everyone's favorite teenage superhero they're ready for some action packed candy seeking. And your baby is bona fide Instagram gold when you post a picture of them dressed as one of these classic kung fu heroes. With both the 1990s version of the costume, and the one worn in the newest cinematic reboot, you are showing everyone you have maximum Morphin Power when you choose a black Power Ranger costume that is tough stylish to boot.

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