Boys Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

The pyramids, King Tut's tomb and mummies are all part of Egypt's history. The things that archeologists have found such as jewels, pottery and hieroglyphics give us a window into the past. Our boys Egyptian costumes may be similar in style to something that was actually worn by Tutankhamen, who was just a young boy when he became king. A real king of the Nile would have worn heavy necklaces and headpiece made of solid gold. Our costume feature metallic gold fabric that gives the same effect, but saves thousands of dollars. Shop boys Egyptian costumes online today!

Boys Egyptian/Arabian Costume Ideas and Tips

Extravagant and historical, our grand selection of Egyptian and Arabian costumes boys will take your child's Halloween back to the days of pharaohs and mummies what if an awesomely ornate costume fit for a king. Go creepy and frightening with a classic mummy costume, or dress them and all of the trimmings bestowed as he rules they trick-or-treat route dressed as a pharaoh. Either way they have a costume that is also great for everyday playtime and any other costumed occasion throughout the year. 

Once you have settled on a hook, take a look around our costume accessories for kids to find all the Hidden Treasures to make their costume as individual and creative as possible. Create a costume that is one of a kind, never-before-seen and all their own. Also check out our adult Egyptian costumes to make this awesome theme into an exciting and historical family affair. Order yours today!

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