Boys Capes/Robes

"Presto Chango! And Abra Cadabra!" You might hear these words spoken with great enthusiasm by a boy wearing a black cape. You may also here him say, "I'm a superhero coming to the rescue!!" Let's take that one step further by having him say, "I want to suck your blood!" You see, all of these characters can be created with this same single item - a simple black cape. Capes and robes create the basis for many Halloween costumes and they are the ideal prop for an active imagination.

Every parent should have this basic accessory for boys in their Halloween arsenal. This can be your go-to item when all other ideas fail. Sometimes, even with all of the choices, the best costume is the one you make yourself using a selection of clever accessories. On the other hand, maybe you bought an otherwise good outfit that just feels like it needs a little boost The right add-ons can be the difference between a "good" costume and a "great" one. The best advantage of purchasing a cape is that you can re-use it with many different ensembles meaning you didn't just spend your cash on a one use only item.

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