Boys Capes/Robes

"Presto Chango! And Abra Cadabra!" You might hear these words spoken with great enthusiasm by a boy wearing a black cape. You may also here him say, "I'm a superhero coming to the rescue!!" Let's take that one step further by having him say, "I want to suck your blood!" You see, all of these characters can be created with this same single item - a simple black cape. Capes and robes create the basis for many Halloween costumes and they are the ideal prop for an active imagination.

Boys Capes/Robes Costume Ideas and Tips

Make any existing costume or outfit instantly super when you add a selection from our capes and robes for boys. Weather your kid is creating their own unique superhero, or duplicating the look of their comic book and movie favorites, a colorful, bright and high-quality cape is definitely the focal piece their outfit needs. If your child is going for a more Regal look this Halloween, choose one of our lavish King robes that will make them feel like they are trick-or-treat royalty. 

With a wide variety of colors, styles and officially licensed superhero logos, they will have a cape that will have them floating on air. Thrill as they defend Gotham City as Batman, look on in awe as they save the citizens of metropolis as the Man of Steel, or spend a creative time together designing their very own superhero with never-before-heard of powers. It is amazing what all can be accomplished when you add one of these simple and fun costume pieces.

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