Bulbasaur Costumes

Catch our Bulbasaur costume for Pokémon fans to wear. Bulbasaur is one of the original Pokémon, hailing all the way from the Kanto region. It is a Pokémon known for the large plant seed on its back which can store nutrients which even gets larger while Bulbasaur’s body grows. These costumes will make you look like the Pokémon in no time!

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Bulbasaur Costume Ideas and Tips

There is no doubt that there is no better way to become the very best Pokémon trainer than becoming one with the Pokémon creatures. From fire types, to electric type creatures and so many more new species being discovered ever day it is always nice to go back to the basics. This Halloween you can become one of the most adorable leaf type Pokémon to hit the TV screen with one of these adorable Bulbasaur themed costumes. 

One of the first, well known Pokémon to be discovered, these adorable creatures are recognizable by the giant seed looking mass it wears on its back. In order to evolve, these creatures need to store as much nutrients as it can while also being ready for battle whenever danger approaches. Whether you have been a Pokémon fan from the start or your child has recently fallen in love with the series, everyone can enjoy dressing up as these fun loving Pokémon this Halloween with these Bulbasaur themed costumes.

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