Captain Kirk Costumes

Take down some notes in your captain’s log as you wear one of these Captain Kirk costumes. Born in Riverside, Iowa, James T. Kirk is a legendary leader of the USS Enterprise and one of Star Fleet’s brightest. Becoming Captain Kirk has been the dream of many fans over the last few decades and continues now with a new generation. Pick from a great selection of Captain Kirk costumes for your next event. This character has a reach that goes beyond the stars. Buy your Captain Kirk uniform online today!

Find a Captain Kirk costume for Halloween or Star Trek convention

Captain Kirk has been a popular and iconic figure in the world of science fiction and entertainment ever since the 1960’s. The Captain of the Starship Enterprise has broken down boundaries of all kinds within the series while corresponding them to real world events. He never missed an opportunity to seduce a sexy green alien. Kirk is someone that fans new and old can look up to and strive to become. You may not be able to travel to outer space yet but you can certainly act like him on Earth with a Captain Kirk Halloween costume.

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Whether you grew up watching Kirk on television or became a fan after some of the latest films, you can find the exact Star Trek costume you need. We offer classic designs and modern takes for kids and adults. Plus, there are a number of other Star Trek Halloween props and accessories to include with the order. Pick out your mustard yellow Captain Kirk costume for conventions, Halloween, and more. These are great Captain Kirk uniforms to wear and come at low prices that are out of this world.

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