Cavewoman Costumes

Ditch the work pants and go back to the basics when you don the scanty attire of a cavewoman. Back in the prehistoric age, women did not have a closet full of clothes to choose from and are believed to have worn animal hides to keep themselves warm. While cavewomen may not have had as many clothing options available to them as women have today, they certainly didn’t sacrifice on style. Wearing one of our sultry cavewoman costumes, you’re sure to look fierce... you are Queen of the Jungle after all.

Step back into the stone age and take a walk on the wild side when you select a cavewoman costume from Costume SuperCenter. While animal hides are probably not something that you wear in your everyday life, cavewomen did not have the luxury of shopping malls at their disposal. Instead, cavewomen used the hides of the animals that they hunted to provide them with warmth and protection from the elements. With one of our many faux animal hides to keep you warm throughout the night, you can see what it’s like to take a walk in your ancestor’s shoes when you choose the perfect outfit from Costume SuperCenter!

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