Cheshire Cat Costumes

The Cheshire Cat is a beloved figure in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Known for its mischievously big grin, this feline comes and goes as it pleases, but always comes back to help Alice and her friends when the Red Queen threatens. The mischievous tomcat was brought to life in the animated film of the book, and the its pink and purple stripes became synonymous with the character. Kids and adults alike adore the it and that's what makes Cheshire Cat Costumes so fun to wear for Halloween!

Cheshire Cat Costume Ideas and Tips

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, then you will love this vast collection of Cheshire Cat Halloween Costumes. This Iconic but mysterious character can appear and then disappear in a flash.  But while there are so many different styles of this character, from the videogame to Disney, books and TV shows, you can always count on this disappearing cat to have that classic, wide toothed grin. 

No matter what version of the Cheshire Cat you plan on dressing up as this Halloween, you can count on us to have all the props, costumes and accessories you need to make your costume the best one around! Everyone can enjoy dressing up as this lovable character. With costumes ranging from sexy short skirts to adorable one piece jump suits, Adults and kids alike have the chance to dress up as the Cheshire cat this Halloween.

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