Civil War Costumes

It was the bloodiest war in history but now you get to reenact it for fun with any of our Civil War costumes. The American Civil War lasted for a few years which pitted northern states against the south. Take a look at our selection of Civil War Reenactment costumes to find an ensemble fitting of the time period. There are many options to choose from and at such low prices.

Civil War Costume Ideas and Tips

Perfect for reenactments and school plays, our epic selection of Civil War costumes is the easy way to put some historical significance into your costuming. Choose from a variety of Soldier uniforms for both the North and the South, so your cosplay will be as legitimate as possible. Our Civil War era costumes for women give that throwback charm that will make you want to sit on the porch and drink lemonade. 

Once you have settled on a bass look, check out our entire selection of Civil War era accessories to find all the little add-ons to make the most of your outfit. Find your perfect battlefield cap, sword and gloves to have a unique and personalized costume. Put your child in a civil war costume that will put the realism in any school play and is a high quality replica of a legendary military uniform. A great addition for any costume closet. Get a great price and fast shipping when you order your Civil War costume today.

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