Clawdeen Wolf Costumes

Be the ghoulest kid at your school. Put on a Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume. We have a great selection of outfits that can transform you into the fashionable sassy werewolf, even at times when the moon isn’t full.

Clawdeen Wolf Costume Ideas and Tips

There has never been a more stylish wolf on the street, let alone walking the halls of Monster High. Paws down, Clawdeen is the most popular and stylish wolf that you have ever seen. Making her style and Fierce attitude known to all of monster High, she has earned her spot as top dog for sure. 

This Halloween you can bring this stylish werewolf to life this Halloween with one of our stunning costumes from the Monster High Clawdeen costume collection. These costumes are not limited to just adults; everyone can enjoy this character from tweens to teens. When you come from a massive family and lose count of how many siblings you have, you know it’s time to stand out, and stand out you will in one of these epic costumes. For every style, there is a Clawdeen style for you to show off to the world this Halloween.   

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