Clone Trooper Costumes

The army of Troopers was kept secret until the great Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered them during an investiagtion on the planet of Kamino for Yoda. They were called up when the Confederacy of Independent Systems declared war on the Republic. This is not just a Halloween outfit - your child can defend the Republic against the Separatists in this stunning white Clone Trooper clothing with fancy blue accents and matching molded mask. This clever Halloween choice makes it possible for your child to join the valiant army of Troopers ready and waiting to hit the galaxy! Available in tons of size - small, medium, and large - one is bound to fit your kid! Ready for action right out of the box, the Clone Trooper attire is a replica from the Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones movie, a classic in its own right. When wearing Star Wars costumes, children will have a blast reenacting scenes from the movie, inventing their own galaxy disputes and victories, partnering with other Clonetroopers, or when attending Halloween or costume parties.

The Clone Trooper costume makes a great choice for Halloween when paired with white sneakers or boots, and your child's imagination. Accessorize it with the Jango Fett Blaster, Clonetrooper Blaster in blue or orange, Double Holster to keep blasters at the ready, and matching black-and-white gloves. With all of this, your child will have an advantage over the Separatists! An increasingly popular Halloween outfit, the Clonetrooper costume is a full-length jumpsuit, belt and mask which, together, conceal the wearer's identity, a feature which young children find particularly appealing in Halloween costumes. Also available are similar Star Wars characters including the following: Trooper Leader Rex, Clone Trooper Commander, Clone Wars ARF Trooper and the Deluxe Shadow Trooper

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