Clone Wars Costumes

Prepare for war against the Galactic Empire in any of our Clone Wars outfits. We carry a large variety of items from the animated Star Wars series and the prequel films. Events in the show take place toward the beginning of the franchise. It features a number of recognizable characters along with brand new faces. Fans of all ages can dress up as one of their favorites from Star Wars Clone Wars.

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The history of Star Wars reaches far back and the Clone Wars saga only offers a glimpse into the past. Viewers will recognize the likes of Darth Maul, Obi-Wan, and various troopers as they are available on the website. Come up with your own storyline or follow the events as they occur in the cartoon. Combine them with other Star Wars characters for a full timeline of heroes and villains!

Find your Halloween costume from the Star Wars Prequel characters

Our entire listing of Star Wars prequel costumes can help with your order. Add accessories from our variety of toy weapons, pieces of clothing, and more to complete an ensemble. You will be ready to take on the Galactic Empire in no time! Wear our Clone Wars costumes for Halloween parties, cosplay conventions, and other events!

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