Cortana Costumes

Ready to take over the human race as a futuristic AI? Cortana is and you can be her when you order a Cortana Halloween Costume using our easy online ordering system. We ship quickly, so order today. Buy your awesome Cortana costume online today!

Cortana Costume Ideas and Tips

Humans might be a lost cause to those floating above us in space, and if you knew what the futures holds like Cortana from Halo does, you could feel the same way. While Cortana is only an artificial intelligence, she has a huge influence most if the Halo video games and provides backstories and information you might not know as the player. 

On the outside, she seems cold and dark, but by becoming this AI with one of our Cortana costumes from the Halo Cortana costume collection, you too will understand the methods to her madness. Whether you believe that Cortana is protecting all of the sentient life in the galaxy, or if you believe that she is trying to destroy it, there is only one thing that is clear and that is how epic you will look in one of these costumes. From full body costumes to accessories and more, you and you alone can help protect or condemn life this Halloween.

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