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Ready to take over the human race as a futuristic AI? Cortana is and you can be her when you order a Cortana Halloween Costume using our easy online ordering system. We ship quickly, so order today. Buy your awesome Cortana costume online today!

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Our comfortable Cortana Costumes include a sexy body suit that features an electric pattern. It’s form fitting and gives you a seductive look that will turn the head of every Halo fan. These Cortana Halloween outfits for women will keep the attention of everyone wearing Master Chief Armor at Comic Con.

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Halo is a popular video game franchise set in a future time period where man is protected by enhanced super soldiers. Cortana is an artificial intelligence and she was the partner of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. At the end of Halo 4, Cortana is believed to be dead. The Master Chief doesn’t believe it and he sets out to find her in Halo 5.

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The story touches on man’s fear of artificial intelligence – that machines will become sentient and they will realize that they can be better than mankind. When John-117 finds Cortana, he discovers that she is now dangerous. She has a plan to create galactic peace, but it involves violence and death. When the Master Chief tries to talk her down, he is imprisoned for his trouble. Don’t forget about your friends; we have many other Halo outfits including John-117 and Spartan Locke. Show everyone how AI can be sexy this Halloween. Order a Cortana Halloween costume from us.

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