Cowgirl Costumes

From Annie Oakley to Jessie from Toy Story, cowgirl costumes are true classics. With the thousands of designs there are to choose from, the cowgirl costume is tried and true. On our website we use this category to showcase all women's outfits from the Old West. This includes a wide variety of saloon girl dresses. Let's face it. Back in the old west, some girls rode horses and other girls rode cowboys.

Whether you choose to be a sexy saloon girl costume or a female gunslinger we've got many to pick from. Most cowgirl Halloween costumes feature a combination of gingham and fringe in an old west style while other such as the Rhinestone Cowgirl have more of a modern rodeo girl style. You can also take your pick when it comes to choosing between a dress and pants. Others feature short dresses or chaps with western details. Cowgirl costumes also include sheriffs and Lone Rangers because it pays to stay on the right side of the law.

Right now, the most popular cowgirl of them all is Jessie from Toy Story. With the release of Toy Story 3 and the paparazzi images of certain celebrities wearing this one last Halloween, there may be a trend toward dressing as Jessie every year. If you choose to go the other route and be an Old West Saloon girl there are stylish dresses that range from authentic to ultra sexy. They are perfect if you to wear as a couples pairing with a cowboy. If you want a cowboy and cowgirl couples outfit that are several combinations that will work perfectly. Don't forget to check out our cowboy costume too. All of the necessary accessories can be found here too. Take your pick from an assortment of hats, wigs, boots, guns, bandanas and all other accessories. You'll the selections as well as the super low prices!

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