Decades Costumes

Have you ever felt like you belonged in a different era? Whether your fascination is with the music of the Roaring 20’s or the tye-dye trends of the 60’s, Costume SuperCenter has gear aimed towards what you need to turn your millennial style into a blast from the past! Our Decades Costumes make it easy to turn back the clock!

20's Costumes

Transport yourself back in time with our entire selection of 1920s Halloween costumes and accessories! Celebrate the fall of prohibition as a sexy flapper or wax up your handlebar mustache, put on your best pinstripe suit and load up your tommy gun for a night of action with Al Capone. Either way, you'll be the best-dressed dame or fella at the speak-easy! Costume SuperCenter has everything you need to keep the twenties roaring!

Gangster Costumes

Impeccable pinstripe suits, fedoras, machine guns and moonshine, that iconic mafioso style and attitude can be yours when you shop our full selection of Gangster costumes. Whether you're the bootleggers bringing the hooch, or The Untouchables trying to stop it, we have all the full costumes, pieces and accessories that will keep your Halloween feloniously fashionable! Costume SuperCenter has an epic selection and great prices on your Gangster costume. Now that's an offer you can't refuse!

50's Costumes

Fluff up your poodle skirt, and order a drink from the soda jerk, because you are going back to the 1950s! Those Happy Days of Chubby Checker, Leave It to Beaver and Letterman sweaters are here to stay with our huge selection of 1950s costumes and accessories! Be a slick haired rebel without a cause in a white T-shirt and leather jacket or a sexy Bookworm nerd, the choice is yours when you twist on down to our entire selection of 50's Halloween costumes!

Grease Costumes

Go Grease Lightning!.. With its iconic 1950s style and unforgettable songs, Grease has stood the test of time as one of the most beloved musicals in history. Celebrate this cinematic classic with Costume Supercenters selection of Grease costumes! Do the Hand Jive as Danny Zuko or a Beauty School Dropout, just as long as Grease is the word!

60's Costumes

In all of its tie-dyed leather fringed glory, the 1960s are still as groovy and far out as ever! Share the love with our wide variety of hippie costumes and accessories. Throw on a paisley shirt, a flowy headband and some big sunglasses and get ready to feel like you just left Woodstock! Keep On Truckin to our full selection of 1960s Halloween costumes to revisit the decade of peace and love!

70's Costumes

Thanks to its everlasting style, jaw dropping fashion and iconic figures, the 1970s has never had a hard time stayin' alive! Costume SuperCenter has the afro wigs, bell bottom leggings, sunglasses and butterfly collar shirts you need to keep up your Halloween Night Fever! Put on your best pair of platform Boogy Shoes and take over your local Disco when you choose a 1970s Halloween costume from our huge selection! Start putting together your perfect look today!

80's Costumes

Radical, extreme, gnarly and tubular are just several of the words that will describe you when you're wearing one of Costume SuperCenter's outrageous 1980s Halloween costumes! Tease up your hair and break out those parachute pants, because this carefree decade of off the shoulder T-shirts and Monster ballads was all about having fun! Be tough as leather like Run DMC or indulge your inner Material Girl when you shop our whole selection of 1980s Halloween costumes and accessories!

Kids Decades Costumes

History repeats itself right before your eyes when you put your child in one of Costume SuperCenter's adorably accurate and comfortable kids decade costumes! With all the poodle skirts, afro wigs, hats and themed costume pieces you could ever need, your kid will be set up with an eye-catching, memorable costume for any decade you choose. Start turning back time today when you shop our entire selection of kids decade Halloween costumes and accessories!

Buy Decades Costumes For Men, Women, Boys and Girls

Our flapper costumes make you feel like you are the bees knees at one of Gatsby’s classic parties. Or, if you are more into the disco look, transform into a dancing machine with our shiny tops and afro wigs. Walking in the door of that jumpin’ party never felt better than with these decades costumes and accessories.

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