Dementor Costumes

This Halloween, become a Dementor, of the Harry Potter universe! We have an incredible selection of Dementor costumes, ranging in sizes from boys to men, and at great prices, too! Additionally, our easy online ordering and fast shipping will help you look like your favorite soulless phantom this Halloween! Buy your Harry Potter Dementor Halloween costume online today!

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Dementor Costume Ideas and Tips

The most fearsome characters in Harry Potter are the dementors, who suck people’s happiness out of them just through their depressing and fearsome presence. Dementors can even suck people’s souls out, leaving them husks of themselves! With that in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll be one of the most terrifying people at your Halloween party, when you’re stepping out in one of our dementor costumes! We have a wide array of dementor costumes, so you can find the perfect one for your style and price preferences. 

You’ll love sweeping into a Halloween party clad in a dementor’s ragged black robes. Everyone will be feeling like they were just sent to Azkaban when they see you dressed up as one of the formidable guards of the wizarding world’s only magical prison! Get some friends together for a group costume and you can descend on a Halloween party as a whole flock of dementors!

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