Dinosaur Costumes

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Dinosaur Costume Ideas

You would be hard-pressed to find any subject throughout history that has captured hearts and imaginations the same way dinosaurs have. Since the discovery of the first fossils, mankind has been absolutely fascinated by these gigantic and enigmatic prehistoric beasts. Whether on land, in water or flying through the air, these former rulers of the Earth have made an impression on the modern day, which can be felt in literature, on television and most notably in movies. Filmmakers have been exploiting the audience's want for anything Dino since the early days of stop-motion animation. 

From the very first King Kong movie in the 1930s, all the way through today with the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, moviegoers have been enthralled with the way dinosaurs move, sound, behave and overall existed in a time millions of years before the dawn of man. Not surprisingly, dinosaur Halloween costumes have since become some of the most popular, sought out and celebrated costumes out there. With options for complete costumes, both cartoonish and realistic, dinosaur costumes are a terrific way to not only celebrate but expand on the legends left in the fossils long long ago. Great for fun or fright, a dino costume has everything you want in a Halloween costume.

Types of Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur Baby Jumper Costumes

Nobody is more excited at the thought of dinosaurs than children. Baby dinosaur jumper costumes are a terrific way to show your little one’s love of the prehistoric while giving yourself, and your Instagram friends, an adorable show to watch. You will get hours of fun watching your kid romp around on the living room floor like a triceratops, or hunting around the kitchen like a T-Rex as they look for cookies. Soft and snuggly, these lovable costumes are perfect for cuddling and hugging, and so comfortable that it will become their new favorite thing to wear during playtime. 

Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

The inflatable dinosaur  costume has become the most popular way to dress as a dinosaur for Halloween. Powered by small lightweight concealed fans, these nylon suits give you the striking dino appearance you want by obscuring the human figure and exhibiting the bodily dimensions of a real dinosaur. Long gone are the days of wearing a green sweatsuit, face paint and gloves, calling that a dinosaur costume. This new era of sophisticated costuming is using all the advantages of inflatable nylon, elastic and screen printing to give you a quality costume experience that is thrilling to both wear and observe.

Jurassic World Costumes

The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies have once again peaked the world's interest in paleontology, dinosaurs and the hybrid world of past and present created by the Michael Crichton novels. Show how much you love the series with a Jurassic World Halloween costume that illustrates exactly why you connect to the characters, creatures and science behind one of the movie industry's most successful franchises. Show that you are the dinosaur whisperer when you dress as Chris Pratt's Owen Grady, or creep around your house in a raptor or T-rex costume that will give anyone a jump-scare they won't soon forget.

Dinosaur Masks

You can take a more whimsical approach to your dinosaur costume when you add a dinosaur mask to any existing outfit. Always unique and completely unexpected, it is a very easy thing to make a never-before-seen and lovable human dinosaur hybrid character when you put on a high-quality full head latex mask of your favorite prehistoric animal. You may see other velociraptors at this year's Halloween party, but you probably won't find another one wearing a Wayne Gretzky jersey. Stand out in the crowd with a can't miss dinosaur mask and collect compliments all Halloween long. Also a perfect finishing piece for your more traditional and historically accurate dinosaur costume. The choice is yours.

Dinosaur Costumes for Pets

Of course you cannot leave your family's furriest friend out of all the Halloween fun. Choose a dinosaur costume for pets  to have your dog or cat running around the house like an excited little dinosaur and putting a smile on everyone's faces. Comfortable and snuggly, your pet will love wearing they're new dino outfit. And you will get a kick out of the reaction it gets from everyone you pass by on the street. Let your little puppy show just how big and tough it thinks it is when you put it in a Stegosaurus costume. This is a terrific and fun-filled way to expand on your family's Dino Halloween!

Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Showcasing the latest and greatest in dinosaur costuming, the Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume  took home last-year's award for Innovative Toy of the Year. Boasting an oversized tail, bobbing head and single concealed fan to maintain inflation, this impressive costume was the first ever to feature full head-to-toe inflation and ushered in new classes of both inflatable costumes and dinosaur costumes. Even without its inclusion in the Jurassic world line, this jaw dropping costume is a hit whether you are wearing it to an office Halloween party or just to answer the door giving out trick or treat candy. Any occasion year round can serve as the perfect place to unleash this lovable monster. Both children and adults love the feeling of being inside this unique costume and hardcore fans of both Halloween costuming and the Jurassic World movies are jumping for joy at this award-winning example of what a costume can be.

Dinosaur Infographic

One of the most fun things about dinosaurs is the never-ending amount of knowledge there is to learn about them. You can never run out of new dinosaur information to take in to cultivate your love of those extinct yet epicly interesting animals. To get a small taste of some of the unbelievable but true facts there are to learn about dinosaurs, take a look at our dinosaur facts infographic  located on our blog. Check it out and use that as a springboard into a whole journey of dinosaur exploration and your own fact-finding. It is one thing to dress up like your favorite dinosaur, but it is a whole other thing to become an encyclopedia of dinosaur knowledge unto yourself. Have fun learning everything you can, so that when you put on your dinosaur costume this Halloween, you know exactly how this animal would think, move and react. Now you're simple Halloween dress-up has become a much fuller and richer experience.

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