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Disney movies are timeless classics that reach the heart of every child and adult. Without the villains, though, they would be as boring as a piece of gum stuck on the side of the road. It's the bad guys-Cruella DeVille, Ursala, Captain Hook, the Red Queen-that make the film. They need to swoop in and shake things up so the Ariels and Alices can become heroes in the end. Why not pay some homage to the anti-hero of your favorite movie and wear a Disney villain costume this Halloween?

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If you're a go-getter with an eye for fashion, you can be Cruella DeVille. She might have had some negligence issues when it came to dealing with PETA, but she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't afraid to get down and dirty to get it. Besides, no one can rock a little black dress the way Cruella can. Maybe you're more like Maleficent, the cool and collected witch that gave Sleeping Beauty her namesake. An independent woman if there ever was one, Maleficent demanded respect wherever she went. If they forgot to give her her dues-even if it was a simple as an invitation to a party-you could expect some serious backlash. No one will leave you out of the Halloween festivities if you come as this elegant witch, though.

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If none of that appeals to you, maybe you'd prefer to be a bombastic leader with all the power of the world at her fingertips. You can put on one of our Red Queen costumes and be the infamous beheading enthusiast from Alice in Wonderland. Everyone heeded her beck and call, consenting to all of her requests-and if they didn't, she made sure they could never refuse her again. And who wouldn't want to wear one of her gorgeous Victorian-style crimson, gold, and heart-studded ball gowns?

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No matter who your favorite villain is - the scheming Jafar, Ursula the manipulative sea witch, Snow White's vain stepmother - we can help you become them. Remind all your friends and family who made Disney's fairytales great when you wear one of these Disney bad guy costumes for Halloween this year.

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