Dobby Costumes

Spend this Halloween as Harry Potter’s Dobby! We have a great selection of Dobby Halloween costumes for men and boys at fantastic prices. With our fast shipping and easy online ordering, you’ll be your favorite house-elf in no time! Get your Dobby costume today!

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Order your Dobby costume for Halloween from Costume SuperCenter!

With our Dobby the Elf costumes, you’ll be tricking the Malfoys into granting your freedom and kicking back with Harry, Ron, and Hermione! The possibilities are endless once you become a free elf. Who knows, you may even be rewarded with a position in the Kitchens of Hogwarts.

Buy A Dobby Costume For Halloween Today!

Become Dobby! This Halloween, buy a Dobby the Elf costume from Costume SuperCenter and spend the night with no master. Dobby is a free elf! Buy your Dobby Halloween costume today!

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