Dracula Costumes

Count Dracula is a figure who's been around since 1897, when Bram Stoker penned his famous Gothic novel entitled, surprisingly, Dracula. With our supply of great Dracula costumes for adults and kids alike, you can become the most famous vampire in history. Vampires are a standard science fiction convention of today's literature, television, and film, but they have been around for years in many different incarnations. Our selection of costumes features older Victorian styles, as well as contemporary looks. There are humorous costumes, like the Count from Sesame Street, sexy costumes that play with the idea of vampires dressing as modern-day people, and plenty of accessories like fangs and fake blood. Buy your Dracula costume online from Costume SuperCenter.

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In Stoker's original story, Dracula is a menacing vampire who bites the loved ones of his enemies so they can watch them slowly die. This is not the first story with vampires, but it is the gold standard that defined these vicious creatures for future incarnations. They can be seen today in shows like True Blood, and movies like the popular Twilight Series. Vampire costumes have become less of a frightening presence, and are more of a sex symbol lately. With the biting, the pale skin, and the tight clothes, the sexy vampire has become a very popular costume choice in recent years. Get one of these costumes for your child, and you can go out as a whole family of vampires, scaring the pants off of everybody at your next Halloween party.

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