Eleven Costumes

“Stranger Things” will happen when you dress up as Eleven from the titular show for Halloween this year. The Eleven costume from Costume SuperCenter will sweep the costume contest this year for your or your child. Being this psychic child will be easy when you pick up this ensemble that can be ordered online at an amazing price!

Eleven Costume Ideas and Tips

There is nothing strange about this, well, maybe there is something a little funny going on around this town. Coming at you from the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things are the various Eleven themed costumes that will have all the biggest Stranger Things fans, screaming for your autograph. From the classic, pin dress from the first season to the newest “punk” look, we have all of the best 

Eleven looks for you to choose from. Have your perfect costume lined up but are missing the perfect wig? when your hair just won’t cooperate, you can choose from one of ours and never have to worry about a bad hair day ever again. Though the seasons, eleven has pulled off more costume looks than any other character, but don’t worry because we have all them in stock and ready for some Halloween action. If you are a Stranger Things fan and are looking for the perfect costume for your next party or Halloween event, look no further than our Eleven themed costume collection.

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