Eyelashes & Eyes

As you're getting ready to present yourself spectacularly at your next Halloween party, you'll need to make sure that every detail of your costume is ready, from head to toe. Not only will your costume need to look great, it will need to be obvious to everyone who looks at you what your costume represents. This also means that you'll need to make sure that the small details such as your cosmetic details are perfect! To add the most drama, go for false eyelashes.

Eyelashes & Eyes Ideas and Tips

Searching for some epic makeup to go with your next Halloween costume? While mascara does a great job (most of the time) there is something about fans lashes that make a makeup look go from the average to the most eye catching part of your costume! With lashes for all costume and makeup looks, our Eyes and Eyelashes collection is a one stop shop for the best looking false lashes around.  

Choose from a variety of lash styles from sexy spider like lashes to the glitz and glamorous featuring bold reinstates for every occasion. There is only one way to take your next makeup look to the top of the list and that is with a pair of astonishingly good looking lashes. We all have those days where mascara just isn’t enough, so don’t settle for boring lashes on Halloween when you could be rocking a pair of falsies that will take your next makeup look to the next level!

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