Fairy Godmother Costumes

Bibbidi bobbidi your way to a fun time in any of our Fairy Godmother costumes. Take on the role of an overseeing magical figure in order to help people through their lives. There have been numerous characters to fill this role throughout many forms of entertainment. Now, you can become one of them or think of your own way to become a Fairy Godmother.

Fairy Godmother Costume Ideas and Tips

Wherever there is a princess there is bound to me magical fairy godmother around to help her on her journey. From the classic Fairy Godmother style look from the Disney movie Cinderella to the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty, there is no doubt that these magical bangs have helped princesses for centuries and this Halloween you can become one yourself with some beautiful costumes from our Fairy Godmother Costume collection. 

These elaborate costumes will transform you into a magical mother of fairies and soon princesses from near and far will be asking for your help and advice. Choose from one of our elaborate pink ball gown style dresses or the simple yet elegant style of dress from the live action Disney classic of Cinderella. Everyone needs a little magic sometimes and this Halloween, you can be the one to lend a hand. Shop our magical collection of Fairy Godmother costumes and help create your very own, Happily ever after!

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