Falcon Costumes

When you need air support against super villains, call on Falcon. When you need help getting the right outfit for Halloween, call on us. We have many licensed Falcon Halloween Costumes inspired by the Marvel Avenger.

Falcon Costume Ideas and Tips

Any little boy loves Captain America, so your son will love the chance to go out on Halloween as Captain America’s best friend, Falcon! Everyone will know what side of the Avengers Civil War your son is on when he puts on one of our wide selection of Falcon costumes. When your little guy puts on Falcon’s wings, he’ll be ready to fight Red Skull, the Winter Soldier, or any of Captain America’s enemies. He’ll also be ready to defend the earth from Thanos as part of the Infinity War! 

These Falcon costumes will give your son all the options he could want when it comes to planning his Halloween costume as one of the chillest members of the Avengers. You’ll love sending him off to trick-or-treat knowing he chose his favorite costume out of all our varied options. You can even get some of his little friends in on the fun and dress them as Captain America or Bucky Barnes!

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