Fog Machines & Accessories

Imagine a haunted graveyard on Halloween night, and you'll probably picture old tombstones surrounding by clouds of gory vapor. This is the exact image you can bring to your haunted house or Halloween party space when you order our fog machines and fog juice. They're the best ways of filling your room with that eerie, spooky feeling.

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There's something about being surrounded in gray mist that gives you an unwelcome chill. That's why fog that creeps through town that has a menacing feeling. Whenever you see those rolling clouds on a dark night, it's hard not to anticipate ghosts emerging through the mist. Zombies, vampires, mummies, and the like couldn't be too far behind, either. Why do we feel this way? Maybe the movement of wispy gray reminds us of that smoky appearance ghosts have as they float across a room.

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