Food & Drink Halloween Costumes

Costumes reflect the culture of a given society. What does the popularity of food costumes say about ours? Whether you are looking for an edible outfit for Halloween or just to make a splash at a party, hilarious food and drink costumes offer a special value that thrills children and entertains adults. From the candy to traditional dinner meals, we offer a wide selection of food themed costumes that will please any palate. Forget your table manners and dig right in this Halloween in your very own food costume.

Funny Food & Drink Costumes

There are few costume choices as classic and hilarious as the food item choice. Whether you're trying to get your corn on the cob on or dress up like a giant hot dog, you're in the right place. But don't fear, drink lovers, you're also good to go! There are beer mugs, soda cans, and whiskey bottles galore to dress as. Costume SuperCenter's wide selection of food and drink costumes will have you ready to go for Halloween this year!

Funny Clown Costumes

You can clown around  this Halloween with a classic clown costume for yourself from Costume SuperCenter. Between the water-squirting flowers and the red nose, you'll be a riot!

Funny Inflatable Costumes

Inflate your sense of humor this Halloween and pick out a hilarious, inflatable costume! There are tons to choose from ranging from T-Rex to sumo wrestler and more!

Food & Drink Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips

Prepare your senses because they are about to be filled with the promise of amazing food, or atlas that’s when the cravings will start to hit. With these food and drink themed costumes from our collection of only the best looking food and drink costumes, your senses will be overloaded by all the colors and real looking food. 

It might be hard to contain yourself while looking through all of these delicious looking costumes, but if you can stand the sight a little bit longer, we guarantee it will be worth the wait. From your favorite fruits and snacks, there is bound to be a delightful and fun costume that is perfect for you. Whether you are looking to spice up the spooky and scary Halloween holiday, or you need a food or drink themed costume for an upcoming play or event, this is the best place to be, you can bet your berries on that!

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