Football Costumes

Are you a sports fanatic who looks for every excuse to show off your love of the game? At Costume SuperCenter, you can choose from the large variety of authentic football costumes available in many of your favorite football teams-- from the Dallas Cowboys to the Miami Dolphins to the Green Bay Packers. Not sure which team to choose? Go with one of the generic football Halloween costumes available in the selection for a look that expresses your love of the game without offending too many sports rivals at the party.

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Football Costumes For Halloween

Looking for basic football costumes? We have a great sports look that lets you show off your love of the game without expressing loyalty to any particular team. The outfit features a black Lycra jersey with orange and white trim and the number 69 printed across the front. Comes complete with shoulder pads for a buff look and white uniform pants to show off your buns of steel. This flattering, masculine Halloween costume is sure to be a hit with the female guests at the party. If you already have a special someone, get her to dress up with you with the matching theme like a cheerleader or referee. Uniforms are flattering and can create a masculine look that is sure to impress the ladies at the party, so feel free to take advantage of the great football costumes available.

Shop Our Collection Of Football Costumes For Boys and Men

Looking to score that extra point, make sure to check out our accessories to complete your outfit. Got loyalty for a particular football team? Browse through our selection of NFL teams and represent your team with pride for the big game. You can choose your position as well. Want to be the superstar on offense? Be the famous quarterback or QB, unstoppable running back, loud mouth wide receiver, versatile tight-end, or unglorified lineman. Rather be part of the football teams hard hitting defense? Be a defensive back or DB, run stopping lineman, or multi-skilled linebacker. Dress your child in these costumes to start 'em young with love for the game and the team of your choice! You can even take a fun route with the dog-sized costumes available in the shape of a football to create a sporty look for the whole family.

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