Frankenstein Costumes

If you're looking for a classic scary Halloween costume this year, a Frankenstein costume may be perfect for you. This terrifying creature is the result of the reanimation of a corpse by mad scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein. He is eight feet tall with green skin, bolts in his neck, and visible stitches where his skin was sewn together by his creator. Frankenstein's monster is one of the most famous figures in horror, and has seen many incarnations over the years. Costumes depicting this figure are always popular, along with other Gothic horror figures like Dracula and the wolfman.

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In the early nineteenth century, Mary Shelley and two other noted authors were together during a particularly rainy stretch of the summer. With their plans to enjoy the outdoors scrapped, they sat inside and discussed gruesome matters, like the reanimation of a lifeless corpse. Mary started writing a short story, Frankentein; or, The Modern Prometheus, and was urged by her husband, Percy Shelley, to make it into a full novel. Shelley's story was more than just a horror story. Influenced by the academia and philosophy of the Enlightenment period, she wished to show the dangers of having god-like powers, which is why Victor's life is destroyed by his own creation. Religion was also a big factor in Shelley's life, and she frequently compares Victor to God.

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